Cornerstone: Where Partnership is the Only Way We Build

Cornerstone has over 30 years of experience serving commercial and industrial clients. As a service-oriented company, we understand and facilitate the special needs of each client. Cornerstone will prepare customized budgetary figures and project schedules that are strictly followed throughout the project to completion.
Cornerstone understands that institutional and retail groups are many times only able to fulfill their primary objectives through the operating availability of their buildings. Knowing this, Cornerstone is committed to the timely management of our clients’ construction projects.
Cornerstone will work with you to achieve the common goal of delivering construction services in a manner that exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s Design/Build services your organization needs or general construction services, Cornerstone will help you achieve your goal with pleasing and unparalleled results.

We apply the same standards we use in healthcare organizations to your facility. This means we apply:  

  • All SCAQMD and OSHPD standards  
  • As part of our safety program, we have a risk assessment process which includes infection control, Interim 
  • Life Safety Measures (ISLM), general safety/security and emergency procedures
  • Green building solutions including lowered energy use; even the paints that we use are the lowest VOC available in the market.

During construction, we use negative air machines on our job sites to filter air, keeping the job site as clean as possible.

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Scientific Air Management

“Cornerstone Construction Group is made up of the most personable professionals I’ve known in my career. 

More than doing a good job, being responsive and creatively resolving issues, the Cornerstone team gets the job done with a genuine feeling of caring. I highly recommend them to any and all because they are consummate professionals through and through.”

— John Douglas Thomson, AIA