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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. When did this episode air?
"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's" special 2-hour episode featuring the Ripatti-Pearce family aired on Sunday 12/10/06 from 8-10pm on ABC.
2. How can I donate money to the Ripatti-Pearce family home fund?
If you'd like to contribute towards the family's home fund, please either:
Mail a check to:
ShareFest South Bay
1617 South PCH, Suite D
Redondo Beach, CA  90277
Pay by credit card: Click here
Privacy Statement
ShareFest is a 501c(3) charitable organization.
ShareFest is part of ShareFest Community Development, Inc.
3. Why did Cornerstone Construction Group say "yes" to leading the build for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?"
Cornerstone Construction Group is a small business with a big heart. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" represents a great opportunity to show the world how a small business with a real talent for coordinating both design/build skills can give back to their community.
4. What is design/build construction?
It's a team effort, which brings together architects, engineers and construction professionals right at the beginning of the project. They meet with the Client and this collaborative team approach
  • identifies up-front what is or is not feasible,
  • keeps all communication channels open so all parties are informed of progress and
  • can provide the client with a realistic project budget.
Design/Build is more effective than having an architect draw up plans separate from engineering, interior design and construction management. The final result of design/build is a quality product built within budget and a happy client who has had only one point of contact - Cornerstone Construction Group.

5. Who uses Cornerstone Construction Group?
Top-line healthcare facilities (based in Southern California) and private homeowners (based in LA County's South Bay area) who desire a contractor with a design/build vision and who stands behind their word are the type of customers that Cornerstone Construction Group attracts.
6. Why did Cornerstone Construction Group choose Beckett & Beckett to help them on this project?
When Linda Braden called Sharon Beckett, she said, "Vic and I couldn't think of any company that would share our values and take better care of the media and public relations details of this project more than Beckett & Beckett." Vic said, "Edward and Sharon, I knew that your team would take care of my business and take care of the community."

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