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"Custom construction means that we join Vic's engineering and construction knowledge with Linda's design background and the client's desires. This is then combined with our local knowledge of property values to bring an economic perspective to your project. If your 2,000 sq ft. addition will not add economic value, we tell you. We could be talking our way out of a job, but we care about our clients."

-Stella Braden Rothluebbers, Vice President,
Cornerstone Construction Group

Cornerstone Construction Group specializes in bringing a design/build approach to construction projects that they believe can reduce the total project time by at least 10%, which is then passed onto the Client as a lower all-in cost.
Design/build is a team effort, which brings together architects, engineers and construction professionals right at the beginning of the project. They meet with the Client and this collaborative team approach:
  • Identifies up-front what is or is not feasible,
  • Keeps all communication channels open so all parties are informed of progress; and...
  • Can provide the client with a realistic project budget.
Design/Build is more effective than having an architect draw up plans separate from engineering, interior design and construction management. The final result of design/build is a quality product built within budget and a happy client who has had only one point of contact - Cornerstone Construction Group.

Click here to submit a request to Cornerstone Construction Group about your custom design needs.

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