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Day 1 - Door Knock Photos
Today, Ty Pennington and the gang from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" delivered welcome news to married LAPD Officers Tim Pearce and Kristina Ripatti: a brand-new custom home would be built especially for them over the next week.
With Kristina suddenly confined to a wheelchair, she and Tim had found themselves worrying about their living situation. The family desperately needed a house more handicapped-accessible than the tiny two-bedroom home in which they had been living. Receiving the good news from "Extreme Makeover" that their living conditions were about to change was a true miracle.
Selected to spearhead construction is Cornerstone Construction Group of Redondo Beach, California. Owned by Vic Braden, his wife Linda, and their daughter Stella, Cornerstone Construction is assembling a team of hundreds of subcontractors and trades-persons, supplemented by millions of dollars worth of labor and materials donated by thousands of individuals and companies.
On Friday, October 13, 2006, while Tim, Kristina, and Jordan take a much-needed vacation at the Hilton in Los Cabos, Mexico, Ty, the designers, Cornerstone Construction Group and hundred of volunteers and workers will arrive to demolish the current house.
When the family returns one week later, they will find their home-and their lives-transformed.












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