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Day 6 - Construction Photos
After dealing with the threat of rain all day, and the complexity of the build relating to the extreme construction, framing and technology being implemented, the construction crew fell up to 16 hours behind schedule over night.
Thanks to the Beckett & Beckett PR staff, and the help of local media including FOX 11, KABC, KNX, KFWB and Spanish-language radio DJ, El Piolin with La Nueva, the EMHE crew made special announcements for additional skilled trades people throughout Los Angeles and the South Bay.
An army of over 100 volunteers answered the call by mid-morning, inspiring the entire site with their energy and willingness to help out. Through their dedication and hard work, the schedule was cut down to less than 9 hours by the end of the day!
Distinguished volunteers included Redondo Beach Mayor Mike Gin and Councilman John Parsons who worked non-stop overnight to keep the schedule on track. Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn visited the site to cheer on the volunteers and commend Vic and Linda Braden, owners of Cornerstone Construction Group, on their tremendous effort.
Also a team of cadets from the El Camino Fire Academy marched in perfect sync to the site to join the crew and lend their muscle to make a difference, and make up time.































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