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We want to share some of the emails and photos we've received from viewers of this site.
Please email your comments/photos.

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"It is so gratifying to see the work you're doing for a very deserving Kristina Ripatti. I live very near where you are doing that project. I also am a paraplegic due to a spinal injury. I have been confined to a wheelchair for more than 50 years. I recently did extensive remodeling of my home to make it fully wheelchair accessible. You're welcome to drop by to see if the modifications I made may be useful in your project."

-Edward (Torrance, CA)

"When my son was injured 6 years ago, neighbors, friends, community pulled together and built an addition to our home so our son would have access. Redondo Beach (as well as the south bay) is a great city to live in and know that there are so many people willing to donate time and materials to help someone in need. My husband has volunteered to help with this construction - I don't know of a better way to give back than helping someone else in the same situation. A lot of the construction crew are friends and neighbors and wonderful people. I can't say enough nice things about our community. I think this is a wonderful thing they are doing."

-Michelle (Redondo Beach, CA)

"To Ripatti family - We salute your family for your sacrifice and service. Because of you, we are a community. There were so many wonderful people from all over, from all walks of life who came and wanted to help build your new Extreme Makeover Home. When people are given a chance; people are generally good, they want to do good and want to feel good. I wish we had more of this community spirit all the time!
Bottoms up to all the VOLUNTEERS who want to make a difference in someone's lives! To all my fellow volunteers, CHEERS!"

-Gloria (Flintridge, CA)

"We are so blessed to have the opportunity to serve and share our love building this home in our very own neighborhood. My family has taken evening strolls along this street for years and it is a great honor to help. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is one those rare television shows that reflect God's love for his creation as neighbors help one another as well as how unique each family is. Families come in all shapes and sizes as well as all kinds of needs. This show and experience brings heaven down to earth. This experience reminds me love is kind and never fails. It is a privilege to serve our neighbors and glorify God."

-Theresa (North Redondo Beach, CA)

"I was impressed with the cooperation, and planning that goes on to carry out such a project. It is inspiring to see the list of local community businesses that have donated supplies. Well done, good and faithful servants!!! Thank you volunteers! Thank you Coordinators! Thank you Cornerstone Construction Group! Thank you Sharefest! Thank you ABC!"

-Carol (mother of triplets and twins)

"My friend came home with such a wonderful feeling. Seemed we were surrounded by caring people. The designers were so wonderful taking pictures and signing autographs. What a feeling in the times we live in to see such humanity........Thanks for the experience."


"When I heard that Ty and the design team were in my neighborhood, I couldn't believe it. I immediately volunteered and became part of a better community. It brought joy to my heart knowing that I could help this family."


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