As president of Cornerstone Construction Group over the past three decades, Linda Braden has helped to define the business model that would best support the firm’s customers.

For example, with healthcare construction, the team must understand that patient care is first and foremost the top priority of the construction site. She has helped to instill in them their need to identify potential risks of their work that could inhibit patient care; that for the successful outcome of a medical center project, communication of these risks is critical at all times to the most appropriate team-leader.

During her tenure, Linda has formulated unique budget practices that overcome cost over-runs such that the firm’s customers do not experience budget-related surprises as a project moves toward completion.

Linda Braden understands the team that is needed to execute a project such that the customer’s brand is always upheld during the construction process.

Cornerstone is located in Los Angeles County and services most of Southern California. The company provides a complete range of construction and design-build services to the healthcare and commercial/industrial markets.

Cornerstone views its clients as valued partners. This philosophy enhanced with a core commitment to integrity, quality of workmanship and client satisfaction impacts all facets of the services delivered today. Linda stresses the idea of getting the job done right the first time.

As a service-delivery company, Linda leads the team that understands and facilitates the special needs of each client. Customized budgets and project schedules are strictly followed throughout the project to completion.

Certified Small Business Enterprise
Self-Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise
Self-Certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise
EPA Renovator Certification