Preconstruction Services add value and reduce risk. You know you have a need, but how thoroughly has the need been investigated and then documented? Have important questions been asked and important details received discussion amongst every interested party?

During Preconstruction Services, Cornerstone Construction Group can help you outline your Scope of Work, ask the invaluable questions and prepare your organization for the construction project that you need to have completed. Preconstruction Services place you firmly in the driver’s seat. With the following completed, you can preside over a project that has been organized and unfolds nearly seamlessly.

Phases of Preconstruction Services:

  1. Develop the Owner’s Project Definition—your vision is now carefully articulated in writing and in language that your trusted construction partners can understand.
  2. Review Preliminary Engineering and Architectural Design in the context of the Owner’s Project Definition.
  3. Reduce the number of change orders by obtaining Detailed Engineering and Finalized Pricing during the preconstruction phase. Reduce surprises—understand your project and the way you want it to unfold
  4. Consider and price any required Specialized Procurement that had not been identified heretofore.